My General Counsel

Experienced Annapolis Lawyers Serving As Outside General Counsel

Let's face it: Virtually every business needs its own attorney. Not the attorney you call and say, "I've got a problem," but a trusted adviser who understands each aspect of your business, who can anticipate problems, and proactively minimize risk and maximize opportunities. However, few growing companies can afford the expense of an in-house general counsel — until now.

Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., is pleased to announce our new My General Counsel (MGC) program. For a fixed monthly fee, a business can have unlimited access to our experienced general counsel attorneys. This means no worrying that a phone call will result in a bill or that a review of an agreement will lead to an additional charge.

Increasing Efficiency While Reducing Legal Risk

Through this MGC program, our firm helps clients review their corporate documents, procedures, employee handbooks, intellectual property and business agreements. We can also help your business become more efficient and reduce the legal risk in your operations.
The number of clients that we will be initially accepting into the program is limited. Please call or contact us online to discuss how MGC can meet your legal needs at an affordable and predictable cost.

*All new engagements will include an initial corporate legal audit that is normally a separate engagement. Certain restrictions apply per each individual engagement.