General Corporate Counsel

General Business Counsel And Legal Services In Maryland

At the law firm of Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., we recognize that many companies frequently need legal services on an ongoing basis, but do not have the resources to hire in-house counsel to provide those services. Whether a business needs a legal question answered, a contract reviewed or another service performed, it is important to have experienced general counsel that can resolve the issue in a cost-effective manner.

Our firm provides general counsel services for small and medium-sized businesses in Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the state of Maryland. We can provide our service with one fixed monthly price that allows companies to retain us as general counsel and consult with us on a regular basis about legal questions and other issues that may arise from time to time in daily operations. In arriving at an agreement, our lawyers will examine the needs of our business clients in order to draft a general counsel agreement and price that works on an individual basis. Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising all sizes of companies and have served as General Counsel to a public company.

Business Services In General Counsel

At Bernstein & Feldman, our corporate attorneys provide a wide range of services for businesses, including:

  • Business formation, organization and entity selection
  • Drafting of bylaws, minutes of board of director meetings and other important corporate documents
  • Business planning
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Real estate representation
  • Advice and counsel for legal questions
  • Business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment or labor law issues

In all of these areas, we strive to learn about and fully understand our clients' business methods and objectives. When important business decisions have to be made, we can provide counsel that will consider legal ramifications and advise on problems that could arise in the future. Our firm establishes strong relationships with our clients in order to provide services throughout the lives of their businesses.

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If you are interested in learning more about the general counsel services at Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., contact us at our office in Annapolis, Maryland, and speak with an attorney. General counsel services can help save you time and money, while ensuring that your business and legal needs are being fulfilled. Call us to schedule a consultation at 410-216-4006.