Annapolis Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property law is always evolving. Owners who are seeking to protect the intellectual property of their business need a lawyer with considerable experience in intellectual property law and litigation. The Annapolis intellectual property attorneys at Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., stay current with changing laws and provide skilled counsel regarding intellectual property protection.

Through our intellectual property practice, we represent businesses throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C., that have invested in research and development as well as branding and advertising, helping them protect trade secrets and other types of intellectual property. As your attorneys, we can draft, review and enforce confidentiality agreements, taking action against employees or other parties who violate them.

The Right Contracts Can Prevent Theft Of Intellectual Property

Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., provides legal counsel for all aspects of intellectual property protection, including:

Our attorneys can review a business's current contracts and determine where the business is still vulnerable to intellectual property theft. We will recommend strategies to protect the business's intellectual property from competitors, employees, contractors, consultants, and potential buyers or investors.

If disputes arise over intellectual property, we can help the business resolve or litigate them. You can rely on our experience and skill as trial lawyers if we take the case to trial.

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