Annapolis Contract Formation Attorneys

Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., provides experienced business law representation to small and medium-sized companies throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. As a full-service business law and litigation firm, our attorneys can draft, review and negotiate all types of contracts.

Too often, business disputes occur because of improperly drafted contracts or because no written contract was created. Without carefully drafted contracts that protect the interests of the business, you are leaving the business vulnerable to risk.

Prevent Costly Business Disputes

We recommend that business owners put the right contracts in place as soon as possible so all parties understand their rights, obligations and limitations. Taking this step today can provide invaluable protection in the future.

Our Annapolis contract formation lawyers can discuss the needs of your business and help you determine what types of contracts are appropriate. We have experience with a broad range of contracts, including:

In addition to reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts, our attorneys can help the business resolve breach of contract through mediation or arbitration, or litigate contract disputes that arise.

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