Business Succession Planning

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If you are a small- or midsized-business owner, business succession planning can be a critical way for you to protect your family and your business interests. Proper planning prevents disputes over ownership or control of your business from occurring between family members or shareholders after a change in leadership.

At Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., we represent business owners in matters of business succession planning. Our focus is on establishing plans for business owners, helping them ensure their business' continuation and helping to maximize the return for business founders.

As experienced attorneys, we employ business succession planning services that integrate in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of legal matters — estate planning, taxation, and administrative law.

This allows us to help clients with a broad spectrum of concerns:

At our Annapolis, Maryland, law firm, our legal team uses legal strategies that take into account a full spectrum of matters that may affect your business. We speak with you about business valuation, family succession and exit planning.

As business people as well as lawyers, we know how critical the bottom line is to the success of a business. We often employ cost-effective strategies, like exploring mediation, arbitration or negotiation to resolve disputes. We also aim to prevent disputes before they begin by carefully and completely drafting business succession documents.

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We have the capacity to create succession plans for nearly every kind of business. To talk about your legal concerns with our team of Annapolis business succession planning attorneys, please contact Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., for an initial consultation.