Annapolis Business Entity Restructuring Attorneys

At Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., our business clients depend on the firm for knowledgeable guidance through complex legal actions such as entity restructuring. Our experienced business law attorneys represent businesses throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Entity choice has long-term legal and financial consequences. Business entity selection should reflect objectives for growth and management structure as well as the potential need to attract investors. When a business has an entity structure that does not allow for growth, restructuring may be the solution.

Increase Profits And Protect The Business

Our Annapolis business entity restructuring lawyers can help you determine whether restructuring is right for your business. Entity restructuring can allow a business to:

  • Minimize taxes
  • Protect assets
  • Reallocate ownership

If you choose to restructure the business, we will discuss which entity will meet the needs of the business. In some cases, we may recommend creating holding companies for asset protection, while in others, we may put owner agreements in place where they do not exist.

Conversion from one entity to another requires thorough attention to the details of the business's operations and tolerance for risk. The right entity can protect your business interests and the value of your company. It can also make the business more attractive to prospective investors, lenders or buyers.

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