Franchise Law

Maryland Franchisee Litigation Lawyers

While franchises represent significant money-making opportunities, there are certain risks involved. The best way to protect your interests is to partner with a team of highly qualified attorneys.

At Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., we use nearly three decades of experience in business law to represent businesses and individuals in matters related to franchise law. We have extensive experience in all aspects of business litigation and business transactions. Using this experience, we help our clients protect their interests and achieve the best possible results.

Franchise Agreements

Franchise law is complex. It can be difficult to truly understand all the terms of your franchise agreement. At Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., we can review the terms of any agreement and help you understand exactly how they may affect you. We may also be able to help you negotiate the terms of a franchise agreement, protecting your best interests throughout the process.

Franchise Litigation

The rights conferred by a franchise agreement are often subject to different interpretations. When disputes arise, we can help franchisees resolve them quickly and efficiently. We often explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation, arbitration or mediation, which are often required by the franchise agreement or related to business misrepresentation.

When necessary, however, we also prepare for trial. The trial lawyers at our Annapolis, Maryland, law firm know which strategies work to achieve the best possible results. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to resolve complex issues for businesses and business professionals and have helped obtain successful resolutions in their nearly three decades of legal service.

Contact Us Regarding Franchise Law Issues

Our goal is to address franchise law issues before they develop into extensive legal problems. To talk with us about the legal issues that affect you or your business, contact our team of Annapolis franchise law attorneys to schedule a confidential consultation.